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image Invitation to Young Living Essential Oils

 Show me the Science!

(What are essential oils?)


* Show me the Difference!

(Why Young Living?)

 * Show me How to use this Stuff!

(How can I and my family benefit from Young Living Essential Oils?)

 * Show me the Deal!

(How can I get started for the greatest impact for the least cost?)

* Show me the Money!

(For those who are interested, Can I honestly earn an income with Young Living?)


 Door Prize Drawing!

All attending GUESTS and first time attending MEMBERS will be included in a door prize drawing for

Your choice of a Harmony Therapeutic Massage or

Raindrop Essential Oil Session by Compassionate Spirit Therapies.


Games! With Prizes!!image

"Essential Oils Einsteins"


And more give-aways and prizes 

Join smart, dynamic people you will enjoy ---

it just may change your life!

If you are interested in the science of essential oils

Text or call Kathy at 515-556-3482


The Essentials of Healing Oils

Oils for healing, cleansing, and holy anointing are mentioned over 1000 times in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Contemporary bio-chemists around the world have found hundreds of them to be more effective than antibiotics - with none of the dangerous side effects - as well as dynamically treat a host of diseases and conditions.  They promote overall health, vitality, beauty, and longevity, by treating the cause of the condition, rather than masking the symptoms.

This PowerPoint presentation I developed by careful research and calling upon my unique resources, will explain in scientific clarity:


*What are essential oils and where do they come from?
  *Why should we bother with "old fashioned" essential oils 
            when we have modern "miracle drugs?"
  *Are essential oils safe for everyone, including children?
  *Do essential oils also help emotional troubles?
  *What about allergies?
  *Are these the same thing in air fresheners, candles, cologne
             and cosmetics I can buy at the mall or health food stores?
  *Why do MRSA, pollution, depression, bi-polar disease, ADHD, 
             seem to be running rampant? 
                        *What do essential oils have to do with all these conditions?


Bring a friend, because they won't believe it when you try to tell them about it!!   
Please see some of the dozens of anecdotes and testimonials I have received from my clients regarding the Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy and the use of some of these oils.

The time you spend in this class may just be your most valuable investment in your health and those you love.

Ask Kathy when this class will next be offered, or have her schedule one just for you and your friends and loved ones ~
                         ~ But only if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired!



A Walk Through the Gardens of the Bible ~

            ~ A Study of God's Provision

Did you ever wonder...
...Why did God, our Father Creator take such care in designing a perfect garden in which to "plant" us?? 

 ...Why was Esther required to receive 12 months of "beauty treatments" before she could become King Xerxes' bride??

 ...Why did the Heavenly Father send a caravan of the most brilliant priests more than 1,000 miles over incredibly hostile terrain, to deliver gallons of frankincense and myrrh to His own Baby Boy??

Why did 3 different women risk everything to anoint Jesus with "precious perfume" - and Jesus boldly defend each of them, "Wherever the gospel is preached, what she has done will also be told...!"  ?? 

...What difference does it make to you and the life of joy Jesus would like you to have right now??


Experience the "precious ointments" used in ancient days and glimpse God's creation from space today. Explore the healing gifts of the Garden of Eden, the Desert, the Palaces of Kings and the Day Spas of Queens.

Learn what some of the world's most brilliant geneticists, astrophysicists and mathematicians really think about God and creation.

And finally arrive at Jesus' feet and His own Gardens of Grace, discovering along the way one more layer of God's incredibly loving provision for us, and the Good News of the "garden" that awaits us! 

4 2-hour sessions

Call Kathy to arrange your class for you and at least 4 of your curious friends!

Preregistration required.                    $15.00 for just 1st session alone.           $40.00 for the entire series of 4 sessions.




Additional classes are being developed.  Please let me know what natural health aspects you would like to know more about. I will be happy to address them.