Thai + Massage


(Northern Province Tradition) 

now added to my repertoire of certificated modalities.


My teacher, Rhett Hatfield, owner/director of Body Wisdom Massage School, has studied and practiced the art of Thai Massage by immersing himself in the culture and life of Thailand for months at a time. Learning from the very best, most notable “masters” of Thai Massage, he returned to Body Wisdom to share the amazing techniques of Thai bodywork, staying as close as possible the Traditional Thai Massage approach as it is taught in Chiang Mai Thailand. He brings the techniques in their purest form as well as spirit of the traditional techniques, with slight adaptations for western culture needs. 



Shown above is the Phra Chetuphon Temple where the marble tablets depicting the massage techniques are mounted on the walls. These tablets were  engraved by the temple monks centuries ago to ensure the practices were not lost or distorted to time.



Northern Style includes much stretching that echoes traditional Yoga. It is gentler than the Southern style (for those familiar with Thai massage may be aware and be “concerned”) and is the style most enjoyed and practiced outside Thailand, especially in the West.

I am pleased to offer to you the benefits and effects of the Northern Style of Thai Massage:

Ø  Reduces stress and tension

Ø  Reduces pain due to tight muscles and unbalanced energy

Ø  Increases blood and lymphatic circulation

Ø  Increase joint mobility and flexibility

Ø  Increased oxygenation to all tissues from intentional breathing techniques

Ø  Balances energy flow in the body (western culture may be more familiar with the phrase “circadian rhythms”)

Ø  Opens up the emotional component and facilitates the release of emotional pain and holding patterns

Ø  Facilitates the removal of toxins and waste products of typical metabolism (ie: lactic acid, CO2, etc.)

As  offered by Compassionate Spirit Therapies, imagethe massage is performed on the table, with the recipient clothed in stretchable long pants and top (yoga or other workout type clothing).

 *As learned, practiced and offered by Compassionate Spirit Therapies, this massage approach does not include any promotion of religious practices, and I invite each recipient to maintain the integrity of their individual faith and belief system.

All involved in helping others feel their optimum hail the benefits of regular, frequent and appropriate stretching,

From professional athletes who typically receive a lengthy stretching session from their personal massage therapists before every game ( ,

to the Mayo Clinic (!!

Though you probably can’t afford your private massage therapist to follow you around wherever you go, 

I am but a phone call away to offer you world class therapy in the Thai tradition, as well as all the other techniques I have mastered and offered to you over the years.

Incorporating appropriate Thai Massage techniques into Compassionate Spirit's signature service, the Harmony Therapeutic Massage, will maintain all your favorite techniques included in the "Harmony" session, plus the liberation you will feel from the Thai techniques, for just $15.00 more, or

$85 for approximately 90 minutes

For those with prepaid packages who wish to add the Thai techniques to your session, the additional $15 will be deducted from your account balance at each session.

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