Tranquil Spa


imageHas the harsh, dry winter air made your skin feel like it’s made of wool?

Or has the scorching sun and wind made you feel like you are lying on a bed of needles and pins?

Wish you could shed your skin, like an itchy sweater?


Visit Compassionate Spirit Therapies for a 

Tranquil Spa Treatment!


Mermaid Shimmer                                                                                                                                                                                                                Seaweed Body Wrap

You will receive a gentle dry exfoliation of the legs, arms, stomach, décolleté, and back, followed by brushing on nourishing seaweed gel. You are then wrapped in a warm, cozy cocoon for 20 minutes, and finished with your choice of hot towels removal in the therapy room or rinse off in the shower.image

Sea kelp gel is wonderful for metabolic stimulation, and nutrient-rich Klamath Blue-Green Algae hydrates and detoxifies. The active moisturizer base includes willow bark extract, aloe vera oil, Vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, lavender, and a touch of fragrance to lift your spirits.

This tranquilizing body wrap leaves your skin exfoliated & detoxified, helps ease aches & pains, and boosts circulation.

You will feel like you just stepped out of an ocean of healing moisture.

60 minutes ~ $60.00

Complete your session with a 60-minute

Tranquilizing Massage

with Compassionate Spirit’s own protective and nourishing massage oils, to seal in the protective moisture.

120 minutes total: $110


Sea Salt Glowimage 

 You will begin with a skin-stimulating, exfoliating scented sea salt scrub,
followed by a warm cleansing compress or a quick rinse in the shower, then finish with a relaxation massage with
 renewing, hydrating body butter.

Your choice of scents ~
Mango, Chocolate, Coconut Lime, or Champagne & Rose 

The sea salt exfoliation and the body butters are all grapeseed oil based, loaded with Vitamins A, C, D, and E, and other vital electrolytes and nutrients.  Paraben free.

Only the highest quality, safe and healthy products will do for Compassionate Spirit's friends! 

90 minutes ~ $80

You will LOVE it!!



imageSilky Smooth 

Hands & Feet

Add a nourishing & moisturizing treatment for your hands or feet

~ or both ~

to any massage or spa service!!

(not recommended to be added to Raindrop Technique)

Your hands and feet work very hard for you,

and deserve special attention!!

They are gently exfoliated, then brushed with a warm wax-like blend of jojoba & organic coconut oils, Shea butter, vitamin E, and Young Living's Citrus Fresh essential oils blend; and slipped into warm rice pack mitts for 10 minutes. The healing balm is then massaged into the hands and feet to complete this luxurious treatment.

~ Many suffering from arthritis have found this treatment to be very relieving ~

Your hands and feet will feel velvety smooth,

restored and refreshed 

This service may be added to any

Compassionate Spirit Session

(not recommended to be added to Raindrop Technique)

$10 for one area; $15 for both

Gift Certificates Available.

(Because these prices are already discounted, the typical Gift Certificate Discount is not available for these services.)