Walk Thru Gardens

A Walk Through the Gardens of the Bible

         A Study of God's Provision

Did you ever wonder...
...Why did God, our Creator take such care in designing a perfect garden in which to "plant" us?? 

 ...Why was Esther required to receive 12 months of "beauty treatments" before she could become King Xerxes' bride??

 ...Why did the Father send a caravan of the most brilliant priests more than 1,000 miles over incredibly hostile terrain, to deliver gallons of frankincense and myrrh to His own Baby Boy?? (Did she say, "caravan"??? Did she say, "gallons"???)

Why did at least 3 different women risk everything to anoint Jesus with "precious perfume" - and Jesus boldly defend each of them, "Wherever the gospel is preached, what she has done will also be told...!"  ?? 

...What difference does it make to you and the vibrant life of joy Jesus would like you to have right now??
Experience the "precious ointments" used in ancient days and glimpse God's creation from space today. Explore the healing gifts of the Garden of Eden, the Desert, the Palaces of Kings and the Day Spas of Queens.

Learn what some of the world's most brilliant geneticists, astrophysicists and mathematicians really think about God and creation.

And finally arrive at Jesus' feet and His own Gardens of Grace, discovering along the way one more layer of God's incredibly loving provision for us, and the Good News of the "garden" that awaits us! 

4 sessions. 
Call to indicate your interest-
Preregistration required.                   
$15.00 for just 1st session alone.           $40.00 for the entire series of 4 sessions.

This class will change your
          body, and

What previous participants shared about this class:

Kathy brought the Bible to life for me, making it more real, and able to see the Divine plan, from beginning to end.  I would love to take the class again, to be able to absorb more of it!  MW (Feb, 2010)

I most enjoyed being able to actually feel and smell the oils used by our precious Lord, Jesus.  I don't know how you could possibly improve this class - you are right on target with the message of the Gospel!!    ZK  (Feb, 2010)

I kept hearing about how wonderful this class of Kathy's was, but until I participated in it myself - - I am a "mature" Christian - but I learned so much!!! - - I had NO IDEA how much I would learn how God really loves us in practical ways as well as eternal ways - and how fun...interesting... truly wonderful this class really is. God has brought to Kathy resources and information you will not hear anywhere else!!   SP  (July, 2010)

I heard about the class from the Connxions e-newsletter, so had no previous knowledge of Kathy.  What I most appreciated was the wealth of her information!! I know I can trust it with all her education, experience, references and research. (Mar, 2010)

Kathy's passion for the Lord and the well being of all who know her is obvious!!  (Mar, 2010)

This class strengthened my understanding of God, the Old Testament stories, and how they all point to Jesus as our Savior.  I loved seeing your contagious passion for the Lord and knowing more about Him.  My only suggestion would be to extend the class - it's too short for all the wonderful information!!!   CKF (Aug, 2009)

This was great - I learned so much!!  Thank you, Kathy!!  CAF (Oct, 2009)

I learned a deeper appreciation of the specific language of the Bible (the original Hebrew and Greek fully explained), and of God's design for us.  This was excellent!!  (Oct, 2009)

I most enjoyed walking through Scripture with Kathy.  I loved the class - - but it was too short!!  Looking forward to using what I've learned.  MW  (Oct, 2009)

This "class" was incredible.  I pray all my friends will hear this message in the way only Kathy can share it!!  JB (Mar, 2010)