Spirits Inspiration

...After a few moments of healing massage, her little body would relax, and she could breathe. I saw a smile--a giggle!!  Her eyes began to sparkle--I could see her soul. I fell in love with a beautiful little Princess of God.



    Compassionate:  Seeing an injustice or pain in another...
and feeling compelled to relieve it

During 17 years in the finance and credit management arena of Corporate America, I was led to participate through my Lutheran Church in West Des Moines, Iowa, in several mission trips to Jamaica, from 1999 to 2003.  Drawing on my Iowa State University degree in Human Development/Community Service, I spent several weeks over this 5-year period working with special needs children living in an orphanage in the mountains south of Montego Bay. It was on my first trip that I met my Janella, pictured above. Janella's legs cannot be seen, because her back muscles were so atrophied that she was contorted into a backward "C" posture. Every day that I was at the orphanage over those 5 years, I spent every moment I could with Janella: carrying her around the orphanage grounds to get some sunshine, watch the other children play and laugh, and through gentle touch, words and song, tell her she was loved. 

In 2003, just a few days before I arrived in Montego Bay for my last mission trip, Janella was released from her earthly prison, and was set free to skip and dance and worship the Lord with the joy every child deserves.

Seeing the profound effects of just a few moments of healing massage, these beautiful children, especially my precious Janella when she visited me in a dream, inspired me to practice the art of massage therapy.

In 2005, I left Corporate America behind, and achieved National Board Certification and Iowa licensure in therapeutic massage in 2006.

This adventure then led me to the path of other natural healing that is available to us through the foods we eat, the way we maintain our "earth suits" while on our earthly mission through exercise, and the powerful effects of therapeutic grade essential oils drawn from His bountiful provision.

Many folks ask about the meaning of the name I chose for my practice. I am not "THE Compassionate Spirit!" I simply dedicate my hands to His service and invite Him to use my hands to offer His loving healing to you.

I look forward to offering you compassionate healing, and together rediscovering the joy of vibrant health in body, mind, and spirit.