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Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
I am passionate about Young Living Essential Oils! 
I have been using them myself for over 14 years,
using them in my therapy practice for over 13 years, and 
proudly sharing them for over 12 years with whoever cares
to detoxify their homes and body,
and live an empowered lifestyle.
Call me at 515-556-3482, or ask to contact me
via this website's "Contact me" page,
for more information about these amazing substances!

World's Healthiest Foods

The George Mateljan Foundation is a non-profit organization with no commercial influence, which provides a website for you free of charge. They are dedicated to making the world a healthier place by providing you with cutting-edge information about why the World's Healthiest Foods are the key to vibrant health and energy and how you can easily make them a part of your healthy lifestyle.


LiveLiving.org is a web-based Christian Health and Wellness resource containing an eMagazine as one of its major features.  The eMagazine is composed of a group of international Christian writers, dietitian, culinary chef, physical therapist, and exercise professionals whose desire is to see others discover and fulfill their purpose by reconnecting with God through body, mind and spirit.

Visit the LiveLiving website to discover the information-packed e-magazine, and so much more!


LiveLiving's passion is to educate, to empower, and to invoke change in the lives of believers by helping them effectively manage and reduce the overall stress, related illnesses, poor dietary habits, and lack of exercise associated with busy and challenging lifestyles.

LiveLiving's founder, Etta Dale, is an Acadia University graduate from Nova Scotia, Canada and a Regent University graduate from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  She is an educator, editor, personal trainer, speaker, and writer. As a former bodybuilder, she developed a love for health and fitness which later transferred into her spiritual life. 

Etta has written and published a 12-week course, "Health and Wellness Bible Study; The 10 Commandments for Living a Healthy and Fit Life." This course explores and teaches healthy nutrition and exercise for optimal weight, but a healthy and balanced life is probably about much more than how much one weighs. Inside a healthy body is a healthy mind. Inside a healthy body and mind is a spirit that can soar!