Therapeutic Massage


$80.00 per session

     The Ah-h-h-h- Massage

            for 75-90 healing minutes

Gliding, tranquilizing strokes; breath therapy united with deep specific point pressure to release the "knots;" gentle, liberating stretches to open every joint; essential oils to relieve aches and promote, maintain, and support a healthy immune system.  I combine Sound Therapy, Swedish, Neuromuscular, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, Aromatherapy with therapeutic grade essential oils,  and more advanced professional techniques into a unique and truly healing experience, individualized to address your specific needs. Only the finest blend of organic botanical massage and essential oils are used, to relax sore, aching muscles, and soothe, nourish, and protect even the most delicate skin, underlying tissues, and internal organs.  Slip into quiescence for approximately 75-90 healing minutes. This session is by far Compassionate Spirit's most popular service and is an advanced and hybrid approach to your total wellbeing.  Please call for more information.

Individual sessions are $80.00, Every 6th session is 1/3 off, or $53.00. You may purchase a package of 6 Harmony sessions for the price of 5, or $400.00 (Average cost per 75-90 minute session: $88.67).  Also qualifies for a 20% discount when scheduled as your first session, or $64.00.

Tranquility Massage

$65.00 per Session

imageWhen stress is at the maximum, money is at the minimum, or time is of the essence, Compassionate Spirit offers you an express escape to tranquility.  A full sixty minutes of the most relaxing techniques of Swedish therapeutic massage. (For deep tissue and longer-term healing, please see "Harmony," "Raindrop," and "Hearth and Frost" session descriptions.) Let Compassionate Spirit help you release the tension and allow relaxation to sweep over you, to temporarily help improve your sleep, digestion, and circulation. 

The Tranquility Massage does not qualify for an introductory session discount, nor as a package, or any other discounts.

Warm Hearth

$90.00 per session

      Hot and Cold Jade Stone

The "Stone of the Heart," Jade is believed to balance Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang.  Heated, they relax the muscles and quiet the mind.  Chilled, they quench inflammation and relieve pain.  United with the soothing, gliding strokes of Swedish massage and deep trigger point release techniques, the smooth, waxy Jade stones harmonize your body and enhance healing with enduring effectiveness.  Like curling up in front of a warm fire on a frosty winter night, for 75 - 90 minutes of soothing comfort. Please call for more information.

Raindrops & Angel Wings

$85.00 per session

      Escape to Eden
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are the concentrated vital fluids of certain herbs that contain multi-faceted complex compounds that work with all 30 billion cells of your body.  They may help to promote, maintain, and support your body's natural healing responses. Only the finest blend of organic botanical massage and essential oils are used, carefully grown, distilled, and packaged for your health by Young Living(R). Antimicrobial, rich in antioxidants, they typically help enhance your immune system. 

Drops of at least 17 different oils (Anti-oxidant rich oils such as oregano, basil and thyme; purifying oils from frankincense, spruce, and cypress; muscle relieving oils such as wintergreen, lavender and peppermint; and several more) are anointed onto the feet and scattered along the spine.  They are quickly assimilated into the circulatory system to be carried to every cell and organ of the body. 

As the molecules are inhaled, they may help to cleanse and support the entire respiratory system. The oils, when combined with brief massage, typically help the spine to temporarily decompress and straighten.  Compassionate Spirit has added a complete neck, face and scalp massage, along with a complete foot massage, and a touch more traditional massage for your back to the trade-marked, patented Raindrop Technique developed by D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, for your overall release of tension, enhancing your relaxation.

60-75 minutes of Eden on earth (Please allow 90 minutes for your first Raindrop session.)

(These statements are for educational purposes only. The FDA’s authority extends over man-made substances only, so natural products are beyond the FDA scope. As such, these statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, nor is it required. Research documentation is available upon request. The decision to use these products is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the individual user.)